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Primary 5 – Learning Project : “I’m possible!”

In Semester 1 Learning Project, P5 students are exposed to the knowledge and the application of a growth mindset in entrepreneurship. They learned to develop their thinking by acting like a junior entrepreneur. Ms. Eky was appointed as the guest speaker in a mini talk show since she also runs a culinary business.

Through the mini talk show, P5 students explored what an entrepreneur was and how to be successful. They learned that a growth mindset is needed to be a successful entrepreneur. Students were challenged to be junior entrepreneurs and had to promote their own products through poster and monologue advertisements.

They were enthusiastic in the process of making the advertisement. They made it step by step and tried to give feedback to improve their product and its advertising before promoting it. Finally, students learned that with a growth mindset, they understand what to do and how to improve with solid determination. ***