Early Years Program

Early Years Program - Focus Independent School

FIS Early Year Programs (EYP) implement the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) which is now used in over 600 schools and early years settings in more than 60 countries. IEYC uses a fun, holistic, and child-focused approach. With the IEYC, FIS Early Year Programs (EYP) provides development opportunity through PLAY emphasizing 4 aspects of learning namely; Independence and Interdependence, Communicating, Enquiring, and Healthy Living and Physical Well-Being.

Through the IEYC, FIS EYP aims to build students’ thinking structures as well as inspire learners to be active and reflective thinkers. Children in the FIS EYP are given the opportunity to explore and express themselves during the learning process so that they get meaningful learning experiences. By emphasizing these aspects, children will be better prepared to face the future and ready to become part of a global society since they are supported by the knowledge, skills, and understanding throughout the themes explored. Learn more about the IEYC in https://fieldworkeducation.com/curriculums/early-years.

The learning concept in FIS Early Year Programs is designed based on children’s developmental age from 2 – 6 years old.

The children learn in various rigorous activities to explore language development, early literacy, early mathematics, motoric skill and expressive arts and creativity.