Primary Program

Primary Program - Focus Independent School

Focus Independent School is a leading national school that prioritises the quality of academic achievements, cognitive construction, skills development and character building. FIS provides the best educational services to develop students thinking skills and personalities through a healthy, safe and comfortable learning environment. The learning process is designed structurally to accommodate the students’ basic needs.

FIS Primary Program implements the concept of meaningful learning by providing stimulus through various and creative learning activities to provoke students’ interest in learning. Through these learning activities, students’ basic knowledge is confirmed and connected, making it easier for students to learn more advanced material. All learning processes are carried out in a fun way focusing on the learning objectives. Various learning strategies such as: project-based learning, experiential learning and 3R (Research, Record and Reflect) facilitate students to develop their practical life and problem-solving skills.

FIS Primary Program educates students to have national and international mindedness. This mindset stimulates students to be more sensitive to the environment and at the same time understand how to respond appropriately. The national curriculum covering Kurikulum 2013 and Kurikulum Merdeka are integrated with the international curriculum (International Primary Curriculum and Cambridge Assessment International Education).