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Wenefrida Gayuh Praduwidya

Wenefrida Gayuh Praduwidya

Science Teacher (Primary) 

Becoming a teacher is not that simple; it is not about giving scores and learning material but instead finding the value of the learning process. Thus, I have to emphasize what makes the teacher useful and valuable to others. Then, I finally came to the right place, FIS, where I can learn how to be a resourceful teacher by considering so many aspects. FIS is the place for both teachers and students to develop their basic competence and skills to achieve mastery successfully.

I built my experience in FIS since 2019, and I realized that I gained such a beautiful moment with students, parents, and other teachers together in harmony. My starting point at that time was as a substitute teacher. I was a substitute teacher for a P2 English teacher, and then I continued to become an EYP teacher for several months. Later than I became a substitute teacher for P1 K13 and Science teacher until now.

I love sharing with all my students so that we can discuss anything about life and learning. I do believe that FIS gives both teachers and students challenges to be more adaptive in every condition. It enables us to be aware of any situations to face a great future.