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Secondary 3 – Learning Project : My Breakfast Meal

Secondary 3 – Learning Project : My Breakfast Meal

Secondary 3 “My Breakfast Meal” from 7 to 16 December 2022.

This learning project was a collaborative of four lesson, that were Biology, IT, Art, and also Mandarin. The purpose of this learning project was foster students’ awareness about how important it is to eat nutritious and balanced food to fulfil their body’s needs.

Every single activity of the learning project designed for encourage students that having a balanced diet is very important to maintain their bodies stay healthy, fresh and energetic. In this project, students will try to compose their breakfast menu with the food they usually eat and make it into infographic.

Based on phases in the Launch Cycle, the first until third day, students focus on Biology lesson by watched the videos and read the articles about nutrition and calories, biological body hours, also the effect of lack and excess energy.

The fourth day, students conducted Mandarin and Art lesson by identifying name of foods in Mandarin and how to make a good food layout through sketching and making the concept planning. The fifth day until eighth day, students were trained to navigate their sketch into infographic poster, completed with name of food in Mandarin and information about nutrition in the food choosen.

Hopefully, by joining this learning project students celebrate the whole learning processes in semester 1. ***