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Ritta Permatasari

Ritta Permatasari

EY Teacher

I have been teaching in FIS since 2005. Currently I am teaching Nursery and EY1 levels. I enjoy working around children and teaching them. Being a teacher is such a blessing to me. One said that teaching is the profession that teaches all of the other professions. This quote has been my motivation in doing this noble job.

I will always try to do my best though the future isn’t mine to see. I may not know what my students would be in the future, they may become doctors, scientists, teachers, economists or even presidents, but I know that the influence of a good teacher can never be erased and I want to be that good teacher. FIS vision is providing the best quality education services. 

Though I have been teaching for almost one and a half decade, I still seek for improvement to support the school’s vision. Updating myself with new knowledge and practice in the field of education is a must. Luckily, this school accommodates me and my colleagues to keep learning and developing through the learning center, training classes and other facilities that allow them to be independent learners. By doing so, I believe that this school will reach the dream to be the school of excellence.