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Ratih Santika Dewi

Ratih Santika Dewi

Mathematics Teacher

I have been working in FIS since October 2010. Beginning in 2012, FIS has trusted me as a Mathematics teacher. FIS is a great place to learn many positive things and improve our quality as a teacher. We learn how to be a great learner, an open-minded person, and a professional teacher here.
I love school, students, and teaching because I’m happy to learn new things.

Teaching Mathematics motivates me to be knowledgeable, well-prepared, and ready for challenges. Many people think that Mathematics is only about numbers, calculations, and correct answers. Besides, Mathematics is actually about understanding. It means the process that we do in learning Mathematics is the most important one. When students do Mathematics, they learn how to connect information, see from a different perspective, and deepen their understanding orderly.

Sharing ideas and having class discussions are some activities that we do in Mathematics class to increase our knowledge. Students learn to be brave in making mistakes. Moreover, they learn to be better from their mistakes. That is why growing together with students is always the best part that makes me happy as a Mathematics specialist.