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Primary 6 & Secondary 3: Integrated Learning

Primary 6 & Secondary 3: Integrated Learning

On Tuesday, 12 September 2023, P6 students visited the Secondary Building to have Integrated Learning. Students went to the building around 9:15 a.m. by walking from the Primary Building. Upon arriving at the building, students received warm greetings from Secondary Teachers and S3 students.

Ms. Tika, the Secondary Principal, welcomed P6 students and gave a big picture of that day’s rundown. Ms. Puspa showcased her wonderful singing skills to entertain the students before going to the main activity. She was joined by Vanya, one of the P6 students.

P6 students were divided into 4 groups. Each group experienced 2 main activities: Project Based Learning and English. In the PBL activity, students learned about Curiosity with the big idea: The desire to know more drives exploration and aspiration. Students were given an opportunity to explore their curiosity by making the self-propelled toy. Students sat in small groups to work on the project. Each group was accompanied by two S3 students who helped P6 students throughout the project. Students tuned their craftmanship skills during the project and managed to create a fully functioning car model by the end of the activity.

S3 students led the English class. The English class covered adjectives to describe personality, an intriguing material for P6 students. S3 students introduced 20 sophisticated new adjectives. Those adjectives were reviewed in interactive games and quizzes using Wordwall. In small groups, P6 students were challenged to draw a person and make a description of the said picture using 20 adjectives they had learned. By the end of the English class, P6 students presented their work in front of their friends. Through this activity, students practiced cooperation skills and confidence in presenting their work.

The activity ended with a reflection. Students shared what they had learned and how they felt throughout the day. ***