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Primary 6: Prime Numbers

Primary 6: Prime Numbers

On Monday, 8 August 2022, P6 students had a chance to learn a new topic in Maths Class, Prime Numbers. Students started the activity by listing down the factors of some numbers. Students then recognized that there are numbers with only two factors and more than two factors. From the examples shared, students concluded that the numbers with only two factors are Prime Numbers. ***

They continued learning by counting on from 1 to 50 orderly. Those who got the turn to mention a prime number must shout ‘Aha!’ to mark the prime numbers. Students started to notice that the numbers they got are prime numbers. They finished counting on up to 50 well.

As the closing activity, students played Bingo in pairs. Teacher distributed a prime number board and also 2 dice which represents 2-digits number. When the dice shows a prime number, students will block the ‘prime number’ spot and when the dice do not show a prime number, students will block the ‘not a prime number’ spot. The winner goes to the student who can make a straight line or diagonal line by blocking the 5 spots of the random dice shown.***

The activity was really meaningful. Learning a new topic is fun and interesting. By having the structured activities, students will remember better about Prime Numbers. Great job, P6 Students! ***