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Primary 5 – Maths : Decimals

Primary 5 – Maths : Decimals

P5 students learned about decimal numbers. This material is not new since they have been learning it since P4. To help them recall the concept of converting fractions into decimal numbers, students were invited to play a memory game matching the fractional form with its decimal form.

They were exposed to some new concepts of ordering, comparing, and rounding the decimals. To introduce the concepts, students were asked to perform specific movements activating their motoric skills.

They had to form a specific shape using their body which resembles the letter S if it has a smaller decimal, and forms the letter L if the decimal is larger.

After the initial stimulation, students learned decimal numbers used in everyday life. They were asked to look for decimal notation around their house, such as food or medicine packages.

They also identified the functions of decimals to indicate the amount of protein, vitamin,s and others in food. As for practice, students worked on some questions as further confirmation.