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Primary 5 : Making Features of Fable Poster

Primary 5 : Making Features of Fable Poster

Fable is one example of narrative text. With its simple plot and amusing characters, fables are fun to be explored. P5 students worked in groups to identify the feature of the fable, especially its characters and settings. Each group was assigned to study different fables from around the world that could be read in their Cambridge Primary English Learner’s Book. 

The collaboration ran joyfully; everyone in the group shared their ideas and contributed significantly to the final work. They worked together to identify the characters’ personalities and collect pieces of evidence of their finding from the story they had read. They also wrote down the setting of the place, the setting of time, and the setting of the story’s ambiance. ***

They also learned how to identify and categorize implicit and explicit information from the story.

The students arranged the feature of fable in a form of poster. ***