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Primary 5 : Comparing and Ordering Numbers

Primary 5 : Comparing and Ordering Numbers

On Thursday, 3rd August 2022, P5 students learned about comparing and ordering numbers up to 999 999.

Why is comparing numbers important? The ability to compare numbers is important in building students’ numbers sense. Students with number sense can recognize a number, its value, and its relation to other numbers. To compare numbers, students must understand what the numbers are and their value. 

What are they doing? Students started the activity by recalling their concepts in comparing numbers and ordering numbers up to 99 999, including the Maths symbols > (greater) and < (smaller) that they had learned when they were in Primary 4. Then continued recalling the concepts of writing numbers up to 999 999. 

Students listened to the explanation about comparing and ordering numbers up to 999 999. After the teacher gave the concept, students were invited to apply the idea in the form of a game. This game was to deepen students’ understanding of writing numbers up to 999 999, comparing numbers up to 999 999, and ordering numbers. ***

The teacher asked students to write any 6-digits numbers on a piece of paper. Then, students called from the small number (4-6 students) and continued to a big number of students until the whole class ordered the numbers (from largest to smallest or smallest to largest). The game starts when the teacher played the music, when the music stopped they were not allowed to move. The teacher checked and confirmed the line and if there is an incorrect order, students who stood in incorrect order must be out of the game. The winner goes to the student who can make a correct order based on the instruction.

As the learning confirmation, students continued to do a worksheet taken from Activity Book to strengthen their understanding and skills in comparing and ordering numbers.

Through this activity, students will get meaningful learning because these concepts allow students not only to learn about comparing and ordering numbers. This concept also allows students to classify objects according to their size, shape, weight, and value. It develops students’ logical reasoning skills and aptitude. They are able to understand the daily challenges they face when choosing items during shopping. Their decision-making is strengthened as a result. It allows qualitative sorting among kids. Students develop a strong numerical sense which helps them build strong mathematical concepts. ***