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Primary 4:  Growth and Fixed Mindset (IPC)

Primary 4: Growth and Fixed Mindset (IPC)

P4 students learned about ‘Growth and Fixed Mindset.’ They are first introduced to a character named Mojo, who has a Math problem and wants to give up. Later, Mojo wants to try harder when he fails because his friend, Katie, constantly reminds him to try harder when he falls.

These two characters became media to introduce them to the concept of Growth and a Fixed Mindset. During the recording activity, the students tried to list down some words that could be categorized as growth and fixed mindset. They really worked well and tried their best to do the task. Through this activity, the students learned how to develop their growth mindset and start from their own way of thinking. Moreover, they also learned how to cooperate and respect other friends’ opinions when they worked together as a team. ***