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Primary 1 – Orientation Week: Numbers

Primary 1 – Orientation Week: Numbers

Today, the teacher introduced “Numbers” to Primary 1 students through a “Catching Fish” game. Before entering the lesson, the teacher sang a song called “Once I Caught A Fish Alive”.

The sequence of numbers 1 up to 10 was taught in the song. After singing, the teacher started the game of catching fish. The teacher asked the students to help catch fish in the river. Then, students counted the number of fish and wrote the letters on the board.

After the game, the teacher gave a worksheet containing aquarium stickers, fish stickers, and a number on a blank paper. In the worksheet, students were asked to write down the missing letters of the numbers. Then, students were asked to stick the fish stickers according to the number they got in the aquarium.

After that, students could decorate and color their work. They were very happy and enthusiastic about learning Maths through Fishing Games. ***