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P6 Orientation Week

P6 Orientation Week

The orientation week was conducted for 3 days. Started on 20 July 2022 up to 22 July 2022. Students did a lot of activities. Besides introducing school routines, teachers also arranged some activities to celebrate students’ comeback moments after 2 (two) years pandemic.***

On the first day, teachers introduced themselves to P6 students. Since P6 is their new level, teachers should ensure that students know each name of their teachers. The activities continued by playing 3 different games. Those were Mafia Game, ‘Do We Match?’ Game and Sambung Kata. Students looked so excited. They tried to engage with their friends and adapt with the new environment well. 

On the second day students were exposed with class rules and routines. They put their attention to the teachers’ explanation. Some of them asked about uniform, break time, etc. They also met their specialist teachers. The specialists introduced themselves and shared about how the subject would be running in Term 1. 

There was also an interesting activity on that day. Students were practicing to perform a drama. Teachers provided 3 (three) different titles. Those were Legenda Batu Menangis, Danau Toba and Candi Prambanan. Even though they were confused at the beginning, teachers could also feel their excitements. It was fun for both students and teachers.

Student had 3 (three) different activities on the third day. Previously, P6 students were gathered in Multifunction Area for photo session continued by school tour, individual photo session and aerobic. 

School tour were led by Ms. Erika and Ms. Ratih. They went around the school to recognise the surrounding using primary building map. Ms. Wine and Ms. Sekar took a picture of each student. In Mr. Erwin and Ms. Harum’s class, they enthusiastically joined the aerobic session.

The orientation week was closed by giving reflection to students. Teachers recalled the school routines and gave reminder about the subject needs on the following week.