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Niken Winarti

Niken Winarti

EYP Teacher

It was named Palm Kids before now, this institution is known as FIS. Having been working in Focus Independent School for 15 years, I find out that the school is lively, and being an educator is vigorous.

Each year I meet new students with different characters and needs that bring specific challenges. As I interact with them, I learn new things such as building trust, handling tantrums and appreciating personal progress. The experience I had with them is memorable and valuable. So is the Journey I had this school year in EY1 and EY 2 levels.

Focus Independent School itself is a dynamic educational institution. In this beloved school, teaching practice is progressive. As I look back at my first years of teaching, I realize that my skill in delivering materials and shaping students’ character is confidently emerging. I believe that in Focus Independent School, both teachers and students are shaped to aim for progression and positivity in terms of knowledge, behavior, and character.