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Webinar Training: English, Math, and Science Teachers Development Program

Webinar Training: English, Math, and Science Teachers Development Program

On Saturday 16 September 2023, FIS conducted a webinar training as a teachers development program in the FIS EYP Building starting from 08:45 am. The subjects covered in this training were English, Math and Science.

Josephine Phay delivered an English subject entitled ‘Introduction to Inquiry-Based Learning in the Primary English Classroom.’. In this session, the teachers were introduced to the Inquiry-Based Learning method that stimulates the student problem-solving skills through experiential learning in the English classroom.

‘Unlock Students’ Mathematical Thinking with the SMART Approach’ was the title for the Math subject in this session, led by Dr. Norhuda Musa. This session discussed developing students’ mathematical thinking through the use of the SMART approach. The teachers were guided on implementing the Smart Approach to improve students’ learning experience.

‘Design Thinking Process in Primary Science Learning’ is the topic discussed in the science session with Manisha Nayak as the speaker. This session discussed about five stages of design thinking which is; Emphatize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. Besides that, the educators were also guided on how to give feedback to their student’s ideas. With design thinking in science class, the teachers can engage students’ creative thinking to solve problems related to their daily lives.

Through this webinar, FIS teachers enriched their knowledge of the topics to be implemented in their classes, making learning activities more engaging for students. ***