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Secondary : Integrated Learning

Secondary : Integrated Learning

P5 and Secondary-3 levels had an integrated learning (IL) program on Monday, 13 February 2023. There were also special guests, Speak First Primary School’s students, Klaten joining the activities. The program aimed to introduce P5 and Speak First students to the learning environment of FIS secondary and to have a learning experience with Secondary-3 students in Science and IT subjects.

The central theme of this Integrated Learning was “I Care about Climate Change.” In science subject, they joined a presentation by Biology teacher Ms.Puspa about the big picture of climate change and identifying ways to overcome it. Not only that, but they also conducted a science experiment with Secondary 3 Students in the laboratory on how clouds form from water vapor and tiny smog particles and how it was linked to greenhouse gases and the effect on global warming. This activity was led by Chemistry and Physics teachers, Mr.Yamin and Mr.Rafi.

In IT subjects, Coach Irbi, Mr.Rizki, and Mr.Yoga introduced P5 and Speak First students to using technology in learning activities. Accompanied by Secondary-3 students, they also learned how to create an infographic about climate change using Canva. They were divided into small groups and worked together to create the infographic. In their groups, each student could try it for 3 minutes in turn.

P5, Speak First, and Secondary-3 students were super excited to have this collaborative work. They were emotionally, behaviorally, and cognitively engaged in the activities. Hopefully, this learning experience benefitted them in gaining new knowledge about climate change, using Canva to develop their communication, collaboration, and adaptability skills, and boosting their motivation and self-confidence. ***