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Secondary 3: Community Service

Secondary 3: Community Service

Secondary-3 students had a “Community service” program in FIS primary on Tuesday, 6 June 2023. The program was part of their Term-4 Learning Project (LeaPro) conducted from 22 to 26 May 2023. 

The Learning Project was about creating a students’ guide: how to do a fun and engaging science experiment for primary students. The final products were in the form of booklets. There were three booklets created based on the experiment conducted, including “The floating egg experiment,” “Sugar density rainbow water experiment,” and “Hot and cold water density experiment.” 

At this very special moment, Secondary-3 students presented the booklets to P6 students as a legacy before they graduated. They also shared how they did the experiment and the making process of the booklets. P6 students themselves were very enthusiastic to see the presentations. They also showed curiosity by asking many questions regarding the experiment and the booklets. 

Hopefully, through this “Community Service” program, P6 students will gain a new perspective on how to learn science in a fun and engaging way. It also promoted Secondary-3 students’ confidence and awareness to express their knowledge, skill, and experience to others.

Great job, Kiddos! ***