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Secondary 2 – Learning Project Semester 2: Twibbonize Competition

Secondary 2 – Learning Project Semester 2: Twibbonize Competition

Secondary-2 students conducted a semester 2 Learning Project entitled “Secondary 2 Twibbonize Competition” from 5 to 9 June 2023. It was a collaborative learning project involving three subjects: PBL, IT, and Bahasa Indonesia. The aim was to improve their competitiveness, use Corel Draw in designing Twibbonize, and persuade others using persuasive language.

The activities in this Learning Project were based on phases in the Launch Cycle from day one to eight, consisting of “Look, listen and learn,” “Ask tons of questions,” “Understand the problem, “Navigate the idea, “Create the prototype, “Highlight and fix” and “Launch the product.”

Students started the project by giving information from teachers about the meaning and purpose of a competition. Through a competition, students can develop their competitiveness and improve their skills. In this chance, students will have a Twibbonize competition. Students will be given information about Twibbonize (understanding, purpose, and how to use it). Then, in making Twibbonize, students will use Corel Draw skills that they learned in IT this semester.

Furthermore, students were asked to create a design of Twibbonize about school orientation. The design will be used to promote/ campaign for students’ orientation year 2023-2024. Lastly, students complete the project by showing their Twibbonize design and uploading it to the website. They also present their design to Secondary-1 and Secondary-3 students. Here, they learn how to apply persuasive language in presenting the Twibbonize design to get more attention from the audience so that their design will be chosen to be their favorite design. The favorite design will be used for campaigning for the school orientation year 2023-2024 by all members of FIS.

Great job, Secondary 2! **