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Secondary 2 and 3 – Outing : Visiting Balai Teknik Sungai (BTS) Surakarta

Secondary 2 and 3 – Outing : Visiting Balai Teknik Sungai (BTS) Surakarta

03 November 2022,

Secondary 2 and 3 students had a precious opportunity to visit Balai Teknik Sungai (BTS) in Surakarta, a government institution under The minister of public works and public housing (Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum dan Perumahan Rakyat).

In BTS, students carried out several activities from 08.00 to 11.00 am, starting with joining a seminar about planning, developing, and managing water resources in terms of both water quantity and quality across all water uses. It includes institutions, infrastructure, incentives, and information systems. In subsequent activities, students visited the soil testing laboratory. They learned about soil testing, which involves the analysis of soil samples to determine their characteristics, such as texture, stability, fertility, and contaminants. The result from soil testing can be significant for many purposes, including agricultural and horticultural. 

Students also had a chance to visit the river-model testing laboratory. They observed a simulation of river water irrigation to paddy fields at this location. They had the opportunity to try some equipment there. Students were enthusiastic about visiting exciting places like Balai Teknik Sungai (BTS) Surakarta. The outing was significant and memorable and gave them new insight into the outside world. ***