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Secondary 1 : We Have New Classmate

Secondary 1 : We Have New Classmate

Secondary 1 has a new student, his name is Daffa. Today is his first day at school. All secondary 1 student welcomed him with pleasure. They are all excited to meet their new friends.

In class, Daffa introduced himself to his friends. All students one by one say their names and say hello and welcome to Secondary 1.

In class, Daffa began to get acquainted with several subject teachers and participated in learning. During break time, Daffa joins his friends to enjoy snacks in the dining room.

After that, Daffa was invited by his friends to tour the school area. Daffa is shown with the rooms in the Secondary, what are the names of the rooms, and the functions of these rooms.

Daffa also looked very happy and quickly became close to his new friends.