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Secondary 1 : Visiting Dinas Perpustakaan dan Kearsipan Surakarta

Secondary 1 : Visiting Dinas Perpustakaan dan Kearsipan Surakarta

23 September 2022.

Secondary 1 students visited Dinas Perpustakaan dan Kearsipan, Surakarta, on Thursday, 22nd September 2022. The activity aimed to introduce them to the library as a source of learning. Students can know that libraries are students’ partners in learning, provide guidance and education to students in using information sources, provide up-to-date information, and prepare study rooms, discussions, and research.

The students explored Dinas Perpustakaan dan Kearsipan for around 90 minutes. Students started the activity by filling out the visitor list and having a briefing with the library tour guide. They explained specific rules that should be obeyed by the students. Then, the students were invited to see the gallery completed with the explanation by the tour guides. The students were also allowed to get to the tower on the third floor. After exploring the gallery, students were also invited to enjoy the 6D film at the mini cinema on the first floor.

The last, students explored the reading room. There, the students can browse the existing collections of books. Then, they can choose the books they like to read and complete the worksheet the teacher gave after reading. The worksheet included some questions about digging for information from the book that has been read.

The students were enthusiastic and enjoyed the whole activity, likely their first visit. This activity can foster the intention to read and enrich students’ learning experiences. ***