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Renato Tangguh Hartanto

Renato Tangguh Hartanto

Learning Improvement Program Coordinator (LIPCo)

I have been working at FIS for six years. My early years in FIS were very challenging. I started my career as an English teacher teaching upper-level classes. During those times, school never stops improving my ability to the higher levels. FIS is highly aware of fulfilling teachers’ desire to develop, be qualified, and highly competitive. I took the chances seriously, struggled really hard, and carved myself to be who I am now, a LIPCo. 

LIPCo works as the heart of the school, as central as the curriculum itself. LIPCo breaks down the curriculum and interprets the learning targets to their core for teachers to effectively and efficiently implement them in the classroom.

As a middle leader, LIPCo works hand in hand with teachers and top leaders. Checking teachers’ lesson plans and paperwork is only a small part of the duty. LIPCo is also involved in some development programs to ensure that all members have the quality the school demands them to be. 

Knowing that working as LIPCo carries big responsibility, I never stop learning. I have to be more professional, skillful, and intelligent. Since excellence is the standard.