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Thought on a Blog

Written by Lisa Wijayanti

Our dearest Secondary 3 students, our super special batch…

You are very special to us, a class with 22 students, 11 boys, and 11 girls, a class with its solid team, a class with various characters which complete one another, and a class that has survived in some unpredictable conditions.

Never crossed in our mind that we would end this academic year this way. We were preparing for our National Exam and School Exam when we realized that Covid-19 was confirmed to have spread to our country and even our city. We had drillings that sometimes made you stressed out, laptop checking that you were not expected, scheduled tryouts, and many more. We change our daily routines at school into an e-learning program and Google Classroom. We get away from our hustle. National Exam is also removed. You stay at home, we stay at home. No more playing with friends, we can’t greet you, we can’t join your games, we can’t hear your jokes like what we had on our normal school days. I still remember how you seemed happy with the decision to study at home at first. However, I am sure most of you miss your school days now, don’t you?

Dear students, we love to be the witness your improvement. We know how you were struggling with the new Cambridge curriculum, but we can see how you have been progressing day by day. We also still remember the first time you encountered problems in using laptops that most of you needed assistance for that. However, we can see the great progress you have made in operating the various programs on your laptop. You can produce creative presentations, designs, videos, and many more. We are proud to be your teacher, a teacher of respectful students who are always willing to listen to our advice.

Despite your hard time dealing with the challenging assignments, projects, friendship problems, or any burden and grief you have faced in your Secondary time, now you have successfully accomplished your Secondary level with good memories. We hope you understand that giving you consequences means we want you to be a better person.

We do miss our moments together; we realize that those moments are precious to us, especially in this last year. It is the year when we are supposed to give you extra guidance and support to prepare for your Senior High School. As you leave us for your next journey, we hope you will always maintain your good conduct, as well as improve your skills and knowledge. Our prayer will always be with you.

Hugs and kisses,

Your teachers