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Kristina Widyastuti

Kristina Widyastuti

Learning Improvement Programs Leader

Hi, I’m Kristina Widyastuti, the leader of the Improving learning team. I joined FIS in 2008 with my prior experience as an Early Years teacher. I have always felt grateful for joining FIS since my first time here. FIS is an excellent school with a high commitment to providing outstanding education services, and at the same time, it also promotes individual development.

Currently, I am leading the curriculum team (LIP team) to manage learning in the Early Years, Primary and Secondary. We assure that students gain meaningful learning experiences at school and that they are fully developed both academically & non-academically. Consequently, the curriculum targets, the school programs, and the teachers’ planning are well-managed in FIS. FIS learning is prepared and set with clear goals for students’ needs.

I believe that FIS students will enjoy their learning process and be enthusiastic learners. The teachers are also resourceful in facilitating the students learning. Be part of us in FIS! ***