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Johannes Bernhard Darmawan

Johannes Bernhard Darmawan

My name is Johannes Bernhard Darmawan, I am currently a twelve-grader at Michael College Vocational High School, and will graduate in a few months. I plan to continue my study in Germany in Aerospace Engineering. I went to FIS since Kindergarten and graduated from Middle School (Secondary). In the past 12 years, I have learned a lot of variety of skills.

One of the biggest things I have learned is English. I noticed that I have been able to develop such a strong basic in English because it was used on a daily basis. Teachers would encourage me to use English everytime, and they wouldn’t mind correcting the mistakes I made. Also, about 80% of the lessons were spoken in English, so the students would be used to learning in English. If i were to describe my proficiency in English, it would be just about on par with my mother tongue language, Indonesian.

Secondly, FIS also taught me concrete skills that I personally think would be of use for work, such as giving presentations, video editing, image editing, and much more. The usage of laptops in Secondary for E-learning allowed me to try diffrent approaches in learning, and communicate my ideas better. The learning system there is also very flexible, which allowed me to train my problem solving skills.

Third, FIS has been a good place for me to develop my talents and skills. I have a handcrafting hobby, and occasionaly there would be events that allows me to apply my handcrafting skills. My friends and teachers were also very supportive, which led me to believe strongly in my capabilities, even after graduating. Until now, i still do handcrafts, only that i just got to a higher level with the skills i learned from Michael College. However it’s still the confidence and creativity from FIS that led me to the skills i have today.

            Finally, I Would like to thank everyone, teachers, staff, and friends who were with me along the way, I wouldn’t become the person I am today if it wasn’t for FIS. 

Best regards,

Johannes “BeweNNN” Bernhard Darmawan