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Ivan Nagara

Ivan Nagara

I heard that FIS wanted to stay in touch and know how their alumnus are doing right now. So, today I am going to share a little of my story, also my testimony about my school life in FIS. 

FIS has been a great school for me, even since I was small. I was the second person who registered in “Palm Kids” (My mom told me back then) and so, I am here since the very first. I watched how “Palm Kids” grows into the current FIS, and I feel that this school is just something. What I felt about this school is the education made by the teachers were unlike other schools. This school made the students feel closer to the teacher, creating a borderless relationship. We also learned much and I had a really great time with a great friends, even the teachers too! Lessons taught were great and fun, because the teaching method is unlike the traditional ones. I hope that we can just turn back time and had the funs we had!

After graduating from FIS, I went to Regina Pacis high school. In 2018, I then graduated from the high school and went to Taiwan to continue my studies. I have interest in engineering, so I chose mechanical engineering in one of the best Taiwanese technological institute, named National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Now it is going to be my third year, and I am happy for the good English I learned throughout my studies in FIS. The English I learned back then had helped me a lot, and I am so thankful. 

Best Regards, Ivan Nagara P.W.