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Helmi Fatoni

Helmi Fatoni

Studying in FIS was one of the best learning experience in my life. This is the place where I delved and mastered my English which further become my skill set on my CV, either spoken or written. Besides, E-Learning, or we could say learning using E-books, enhance my computer skills. I’ve learned many applications and software, such as how to make a formal proposal and a grand design of presentation.

Moreover, FIS also thought and developed our soft skills, like the way we deliver our presentation in front of people, how we tolerate each other since our friends have different background, and how to respect people, including the systems and rules existed.

Eventually, I am very grateful to be part of FIS which has made for what I am now. This is because FIS is the gateway for me to enter SMAN 3 Surakarta and Universitas Indonesia.

Best regards, Helmi Fatoni – Student of Industrial Engineering – Universitas Indonesia