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FIS Secondary – Term 3 Learning Celebration

FIS Secondary – Term 3 Learning Celebration

Celebrations are part of life, and it is a great way to pause, cherish, and reaffirm the things we value and accomplish in our lives. A learning celebration is an incredible way to nourish students’ growth and development. It offers positive experiences that are etched into their memories and remind them of their achievements. Recognizing and celebrating what students have achieved also gives them a sense of accomplishment and fosters self-confidence.

To mark the end of term 3, FIS Secondary students had a “Learning Celebration” event on Tuesday, 28 March 2023, to celebrate students’ learning journey throughout this term. The activities were aligned with the “I Care program.” Students conducted a three-week program from 27 February to 24 March 2023 to expose FIS secondary students and staff to environmental issues to build their awareness and care towards the school environment.

At this Learning Celebration, students were given opportunities to express themselves in many ways, such as sharing their “I Care Program” activity. Having performances like a singing, dancing, fashion show, solving the Rubik’s cube the fastest way, cardboard craft competition and presentation, chant competition, and conducting responsibility project presentation about Waste Management.

Students were very enthusiastic about participating in this event. They prepared very well to perform at this event. Eventually, the Secondary one won all the competitions that were held. After all, this Learning Celebration was more than just feel-good moments. It propelled students forward on their learning journey, stayed on track, and kept them motivated and committed to the continuous effort and hard work. ***