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FIS Secondary Building is Under Renovation

Starting on December 6, 2022, phase 2 renovations took place at the FIS Secondary building. This renovation has been going on since phase 1, carried out last October. The renovation of this building was carried out to strengthen the school’s infrastructure. Several parts of the school area, such as the teacher’s room, dining room, and laboratory, were the renovation targets. This renovation is a form of FIS’s commitment to improving the comfort of the learning environment in schools.

FIS is aware that the school environment is one of the external factors that can affect the learning process. Learning in a good school environment will significantly improve the quality of school learning. A good school environment can also make learning more comfortable and enjoyable. This will also encourage students to continue to spur their learning achievements. Of course, it’s not only students who are more enthusiastic about learning; teachers will also be able to contribute more optimally in providing the best teaching. ***