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Bok Fransiska Linawati

Bok Fransiska Linawati

Primary Learning Improvement Program Coordinator (LIPCo)

The experience of becoming a Primary Curriculum Coordinator (2012-2018) and a Learning Improvement Program Coordinator (LIPCo) (2018 until now) in Focus Independent School always encourages me to keep learning and improving. As a LIPCo, I am responsible to lead the teachers in providing students with fun and meaningful learning experiences as well as managing the school programs for improving students’ practical life skills.

As one of the Academic Team members, I also have a responsibility to ensure that the Curriculum in FIS has been implemented to accommodate students’ need in developing their thinking skills, strong characters, and international mindedness through various structured activities which can stimulate them to be creative learners.

In order to strive for excellence as the standard, I always keep improving myself for being more resourceful with the updated curriculum and the recent educational issues. FIS also supports me with the best learning environment which enables me to provide the best educational services for preparing the students to be the leaders of tomorrow.