Baby Class

FIS Baby Class

FIS Baby Class focusses on providing early stimulation at the early stage of a child’s life to their brain development that later provides future learning, behaviour and health. A consistent, moderate and thorough stimulation enabling the five senses to construct and develop the brain well.

Classroom environment is set to be stimulating, safe and full of joy for the babies to explore themselves and the world around them. In Baby Class, FIS babies are provided with adequate activities activating their 6 brain competences. They are; mobility, visual, auditory, language, manual, and tactile. What is best is that parents are involved in providing this stimulation with their babies in class to build bonding.

FIS Baby Class provides 3 stages of stimulation. They are;

  • Baby Tweet (3 months – 11 months)

Within one hour class, lots of physical activities are provided for the Baby to stimulate their physical growth leading to the use and development of their brain at the early year of their life. Physical development is carefully stimulated and monitored to ensure progress and proper development.


  • Baby Boom (12 months – 18 months)

At this stage, children are able to walk independently and therefore they are ready to explore their surrounding further. More stimulation through the five senses are provided for them to engulf new learning and ability needed for brain development.


  • Baby Genius (19 months – 23 months)

As children are born naturally curious and ready to explore the world around them, stimulation in this class is set to fulfill their needs abreast of the preparation of further learning. Lots of activities actively stimulate their cognitive skill.