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Andang Kusuma Nugraha

Andang Kusuma Nugraha

IMYC Teacher (Secondary)

I have been teaching at FIS Secondary level for almost seven years. I started as Bahasa Indonesia and IPS teacher. Now, I teach IMYC and become a Secondary 3 classroom Teacher.

Teaching IMYC is challenging and thrilling. Exploring The Theme and Big Idea in IMYC allows students to connect the learning in the classroom with the world outside the school. It can also help them to develop their inquiry and critical thinking to become a problem solver. It encourages me to keep on updating new information and being creative in delivering my lesson so that I can help my students to acquire the knowledge they will take with them into their later lives.

Learning is a never-ending process. As a teacher and a part of the FIS family, I am always motivated and supported to keep on improving my knowledge and professionalism through a series of training and education given by FIS LC.