Greetings from Focus Independent School,

At FIS, we believe that learning is a fun process of developing one’s intellectual through the right experience and stimulation. For proper development to happen, it needs to start from constructing strong and significant foundations as suggested by the Bloom Taxonomy. Therefore, FIS emphasises and fosters each student’s ability to learn and understand.

Individual student experiences play a significant role in learning. Hence, various elements influencing learning is a crucial concern at FIS. In particular, the quality of our teachers plays a dynamic role in building motivated, knowledgeable and successful students. FIS teachers are qualified and well prepared to be able to provide meaningful learning experiences that are also fun for the students through creative educational techniques. FIS pays great attention to the overall learning environment for the benefit of growing the best students.

The ability to consistently deliver a ‘always on’ supportive environment for students’ well-being, growth and development is a key differentiator of FIS. Through carefully designed learning activities, student will be able to build their cognitive and social skills and appreciate the values needed for them to face many challenges in the future and to lead the changes for a better life and society.

We sincerely look forward to welcoming you to our thoroughly modern campus!

Lidwina Putri

Director of Study