Yamin Ismail

chemistry teacher – Secondary level

My name is Yamin Ismail, I am a teacher at the secondary level. I’ve been teaching chemistry for two the last two years started from 2018. 

Teaching chemistry in secondary level is quite challenging yet it has given me wonderful experiences. One of the satisfaction as a teacher is when I am able to help my students to develop their performance not only knowledge and understanding but also skills in creative thinking and problem solving, give them a broader outlook not just academically but also the way they view the world through chemistry. 

As we know that chemistry covers large areas in our daily life, from the air we breathe, the food we consume, to shampoo, soap and toothpaste we use every day. Thus, here in FIS, we consider that in teaching chemistry, it is important to link the theoretical side from the text book with the practical aspect in a way that allows students to have a deeper understanding towards the topics they learn. 

Chemistry in FIS secondary helps students a lot in preparing for the higher level of education because major parts of the portion we teach them are higher level materials. Thus, hopefully as the students graduate from our school, they have already obtained a solid foundation as a major benefit to learn chemistry later in high school.