Risa Budi Astini

EYP LIP coordinator

I joined FIS in 2016 as a Curriculum Coordinator which switched the name into a Learning Improvement Program Coordinator (LIPCo) in 2018. This was done as the school requires the learning program in FIS to continue progressing and improving. As one of the members of the academic team, I am currently handling the learning program in EYP. I am responsible for leading the teachers in providing the students with the best learning experiences possible through various fun activities that give them proper stimulation based on their level as well as capturing their curiosity to engage fully in their learning. To become an excellent educator, FIS teaches me to always learn and strive for knowledge. Along with that, I keep moulding myself to become a splendid learner. Thus, I am able to establish the best learning environment for the students ensuring them to make the best of themselves as learners to not only becoming excellent in their academic field but also having good behaviour as a person.