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Puspita Palupiningtyas

Puspita Palupiningtyas

Toddler & Nursery Teacher

I have been teaching in Focus Independent School for about six years. I had ever been a teacher in Primary 1, EY1, and EY2 for the first year, and I have been a Toddler-Nursery Teacher for five years. I like to meet kids and design multimedia teaching material.

Through the high-quality program and activities, FIS gives me and other teachers abundant chances for optimizing our skills so that the kids have a beautiful and meaningful experience in learning.

I am proud to be a part of FIS as FIS never lets the students, the teachers, and even every staff being left behind the changes. We have to be ready for everything that might happen every time. For that reason, FIS always performs a great effort to face the challenge of the changes by maintaining high quality in education.