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Primary 5 – Maths : More on Measurement

Primary 5 – Maths : More on Measurement

In Unit 13, P5 students learned about measurement. They learnt the concept of how to measure an object, reading on different scales and convert between unit of measure. Students were asked to apply their knowledge to build their skills on those concepts. The Students conducted an activity by measuring their body such as the mass, height and head circumference by using the measurement tools.

They also conducted a simple research of their favourite drinks and how often they drink it, and should bring sample of the product and check the amount of sugar in a single serving.

They were asked to measure the amount of sugar using the scale to see clearly how much sugar is in each pack.

Next, they measured their sugar consumption in a day, week and month by using the digital scale and analyze whether it is still at a reasonable level or above the normal threshold.

Lastly, based on the data they have gathered, students were stimulated to be more aware about their health.