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Primary 3 – Science : Keeping Healthy

Primary 3 – Science : Keeping Healthy

01 November 2022,
In Science, P3 students learnt how to maintain themselves healthy by discussing the theme “Keeping Healthy”. One of the ways is by keeping the teeth clean.

Within the activity, P3 students observed an experiment about how sugary drink affects the condition of the teeth. Firstly, teacher soaked a boiled egg in a bowl of coke for 12 hours. Students found out that the colour of the egg’s shell turned brown. The same thing could happen to our teeth if we drink too much sugary drink. The sugar will form a soft and sticky layer called plaque. Plaque can cause tooth decay and gum disease.

After that, students tried to brush the egg’s shell using tooth brush and tooth paste. The shell turned cleaner than before. Students learned that we can take care of our teeth by brushing them regularly and drinking less sugary drink.

Students are expecting more experiments that provide them with applicable knowledge for their daily life benefits.