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Primary 1 – English : Shark in the Park

Primary 1 – English : Shark in the Park

One of the interesting stories learned by P1 student is “Shark in the Park” by Nick Sharratt. After reading the story, the students laughed because of Timothy Pope, the main character of the story.

In the story, it is told that Timothy used his toy telescope to look around, then suddenly he saw a scary thing, A SHARK IN THE PARK! Do you think that it is the real shark? Well, actually, that’s only a cat’s ear which looks like a shark’s fin.

Students were asked to make a toy telescope then used that to pretend as Timothy.

What did they see? They saw a bear’s head, tiger and bat’s wing. At the end of the session, they wrote a simple story about it. They told that the things that they actually saw are a bear hat, clothes with tiger motif and a kite.