Mei Handayani


I have been teaching in FIS since 2014. I started as a Math substitute teacher, and then became P6 Science teacher until now.

I love teaching, I love Science too, and I also love being in front of the classroom and share many things to my students. When it comes to Science, I can explore and do many things with the students to fulfill the curiosity of scientific things. We can learn new things and have discussion over many interesting phenomena. And the most interesting and challenging one is we can do experiments. We try to prove things that we have discussed so that students really understand and master what they have learnt. In learning Science, students are very enthusiastic. They try to ask tons of questions and share many things too.

Being a Science teacher encourages me to be active in keeping up my knowledge about scientific things which tend to develop and change due to the development of natural phenomena, technology and human invention. I need to be able to improve my knowledge so that I can share valid and update information to my students, also be ready for their unpredictable questions about many things too.The development of my teaching skills and profesionalism do not happen by itself. I became a better teacher than I was after I joined FIS. Here, I was pushed and motivated to be more than I think I can. I feel so grateful that I can be in a good and encouraging working place.