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Maya Rahayu

Maya Rahayu

Maths Teacher (Secondary)

I started my career in FIS by becoming a Maths teacher in Primary 3 in 2012 and then continue at the Secondary level until now.

I enjoy learning and sharing knowledge about Maths with others, especially students. Mathematics is about how we think logically, critically, and systematically. Besides, it is about how we become optimistic when solving every problem. I always convey positive values of belief, perseverance, and enthusiasm when students learn Maths. Such a challenge for me to build a clear basic concept of Maths for students so that they can develop their understanding well. I support my students with proper guidance, a variety of activities, and learning strategies that they love and enjoy learning Maths.

FIS is a school that develops and provides opportunities for me to innovate in educating and teaching to create an enjoyable learning atmosphere. Besides, FIS also motivates every teacher to improve themselves by becoming independent learners, updating information related to the profession, learning and the psychological development of students, and science and technology.