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Lidwina Putri

Lidwina Putri

Director of Study

I joined FIS as a Primary 1 Teacher in 2008. Then I had several different positions dealing with curriculum development before the school finally assigned me as the Director of Studies in 2018 until now.

Through my different positions in FIS, I witnessed how the school values progress and process. FIS represents the correct definition of a school, which is an institution for educating, not only the students but also all the school members including teachers. FIS provides opportunities for all school members to develop well not only as professionals but even better as individuals, including myself. 

As the Director of Studies of FIS, I lead the school in investing much in the development of its programs and human resources. This investment eventually leads to providing a rigorous and enjoyable learning experience for the students. It is the learning environment that is thoughtfully created as an appropriate learning environment for our beloved students to improve.

Every day is a progressive fun learning moment here in FIS. As one of the leaders, I embrace the FIS value in perceiving challenges as valuable opportunities for improvement.