Larrence Bennet Hidayat

My name is Larrence Bennett Hidayat,  currently a second year undergraduate at Kings College London majoring in Physics. I have joined FIS for 9 years through baby classes to primary school. After graduating Primary School, I moved to Jakarta to pursue my golfing career, being part of the Indonesian golf association and took part in multiple junior tournaments.

I then continued my A-levels in Cambridge, which a scholarship was offered. This achievements were all possible due to both educational and characteristics foundation that was developed from a very young age.

FIS has taught me perseverance and most importantly discipline, being their core value. The immense support received from teachers and staffs are second to none. Quality of education at FIS ia really outstanding and this has played a major role throughout my educational career and will definitely in future careers. I am really honored and thankful to be a part of FIS. **