kristina widyastuti

LIP Leader

I have been working in Focus Independent School for 12 years, with prior experiences as early year’s teacher and curriculum team. At this moment, I am leading the curriculum team (LIP team) for managing Early Years Program, Primary Program and Secondary Program. I am a passionate learner as well as a highly motivated leader who love working in depth knowledge of instructional pedagogy, teachers’ development, curriculum design, learning theories, and others.  As LIP Leader, I am responsible for programs implementation at school and its development by planning, executing and making ongoing evaluation on the programs. Those three things are the fundamental curriculum strategies taken each year. I lead my team to ensure that the structures established at school will promote all teachers with qualified competence to successfully equip students with optimum learning process. By having qualified learning process at school, all students are developed thoroughly both academically and non-academically. In addition, the position as LIP Leader empowers me within the framework to always learn, be progressive as well as be updated with any curriculum knowledge. It develops me as personal as well as professional.