Juan Savero

Hello everyone, my name is Juan Savero, alumnus of the fourth batch of Focus Independent School, class of 2017. I have been in Focus Independent School since I was in baby class. I continued my studies at this school until secondary program.

In this school, I study international curriculum with English language as the daily communication. Studying at Focus Independent School is also very fun because there are many activities such as outdoor learning activities, and others. The teachers are also friendly. The facilities at Focus Independent School are also good such as laboratory, multifunction court and dining rooms. The students at Focus Independent School are also friendly and kind. Every end of the semester, this school holds an art performance that really helps students to show their artistic creativity to their parents.

Anyway, it’s fun to study at Focus Independent School. FIS Secondary uses digital technology, such as laptops. The learning methods are delivered by exposing the use of Microsoft applications such as Power point, Words and Excel. It is very helpful for students to learn and apply their computer literacy using Microsoft. That knowledge can support you when you continue in senior high school.

FIS Secondary learning is active that facilitates students to do presentations in the learning process. FIS also offers scholarships to appreciate the students’ achievements. I got a scholarship award from this school. Getting a scholarship was challenging, prestigious and not difficult. After graduating from secondary school, I continued my school at SMA Negeri 3 Surakarta.


Juan Savero