harum brata

I joined FIS since 2017. At the beginning of the year, I became a substitute teacher for toddler-nursery, EY2 and Primary 1. Then I became P5 IPS and PKn teacher. Now I am trusted to be P6 English teacher. Teaching English is very challenging. Language skill is a basic skill that should be possessed by everyone in order to master other science or skill. 

Being a teacher at various levels makes me understand that students, whatever their age, prefer friendly teacher and fun but meaningful learning. Therefore I try to be a friendly teacher so that students are comfortable to pay attention, ask questions, and share their opinions. It also helps me to know their characteristics and find correct teaching strategies for them. Interesting strategies combined with linking the material to their experiences help my students understand the material. Moreover, make sure that students has the correct basic concept is a must before giving other material. My teaching skill developed after I joined the program given by FIS. In short, FIS does not only provide education for students but also for the teachers and staff.