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Hansel Filbert

Hansel Filbert

Hi! My name is Hansel Filbert and I’m from the 2nd batch of Focus Independent School. A part of me lingers every time I recall to this school. FIS is and will always be one of the most memorable experience life has given me. This school is full of smart, thoughtful, fun, cheerful and supportive teachers. They really had taught me lots of things, starting from the little ones and I’m talking about both the academic and soft skills.

Remembering back, I had a totally unstable emotion and didn’t quite have the manners in me but luckily the teachers here were very patient in guiding me to the right path. The best academic skill FIS had taught me was the English subject. They put their whole effort on this one and thanks to that, the English National Exam was a piece of cake.

As I’m writing this, I want to thank Focus Independent School for everything you taught me because I wouldn’t have got this far or be who I am right now if it weren’t for you. I hope for the best success and future for Focus Independent School and I hope you guys can keep on making students the best version out of them.

Best regards, Hansel, Student of Civil Engineering Bandung Institute of Technology