Dhebora Pramesti Hapsari

P2 Science Teacher

It has been a year since I joined the Primary team. FIS has been a fantastic playground for me. As a new member of the Primary team, I feel very encouraged.

During my working days in FIS, I have discovered many beautiful things and gained much insight. Being a teacher in FIS helps me to realize that a teacher is a learner. Every corner here is a learning source for me. Then, the question is, “what is the biggest learning source?”. I would proudly answer, “it is my students.”

FIS has such fantastic little learners (students) who are full of curiosity and energy. Those kids never fail to amaze me with their borderless interest. It forces me to push myself to keep learning to satisfy my students’ curiosity. It leads me to become an independent learner. I am driven by my responsibility to be able to share knowledge with my students. Thus means to help my students recognizing things they do not know before and to give them a better understanding of things.

Unconsciously, I have learned many new things and developed many strategies in teaching because of my students. Now, I can define a student and a teacher from a unique perspective. Both of them are learners. As my final words, I would like to say, “Thank you, kids. You have planted a seed of passion within me and water it with your energy”. A great student makes a great teacher, indeed.